Team Rocket Admin Clarissa [OC] (bandagedbandit) wrote in sayitwithpocky,
Team Rocket Admin Clarissa [OC]

Because going bowling is a blast, not because we enjoy spending time with you or anything—!!

[It's still completely ridiculous to Clarissa how she wound up in this...situation.

It's not a date.

The fact she's out of uniform while spending time with another member of the team, and that her hair is a little neater and her outfit more flattering than usual may suggest otherwise, but it is not a date. Because she and Proton are not dating. ...There might be...slightly more kissing where there was once fighting before, but they are not a couple and this is not a date. End of story!

...Still, Clarissa can't stop feeling weirdly uncomfortable about this...this bowling trip thing, whatever it is, and sets about paying and getting the names for the scoreboard set up just to occupy herself with something other than Proton for a few minutes, throwing a minor fit when the attendant turns out to be as stubborn as she is and refuses to budge on not letting her forego the gross bowling shoes in favour of her normal boots.

Argument lost and everything set up, Clarissa will head back to their allocated lane, drinks in hand. She'll plonk them down unceremoniously on the small table between the two sofas, before busying herself with choosing a ball.]

I'm going first, got that?
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