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Where I list any threads outside of the musebox so I don't lose the links and can get back to them whenever. Let me know if I fuck up the html.

Kelly | redhotmagma

13/12/2010: relevantribbons | PD canon | Christmas spirit — In which Lani enlists Kelly's help with her festive preparations
In which Clarissa finds herself with way more than she'd bargained for after a night with Lance. Here be pregnancy threads! (Probably not in any sort of chronological order...)
V.I.P mingle post for myself and Sakon, where we shall thread-out ~all the things~ No admittance to anyone other than myself and The One With The Miles Long Muselist.
[It's still completely ridiculous to Clarissa how she wound up in this...situation.

It's not a date.

The fact she's out of uniform while spending time with another member of the team, and that her hair is a little neater and her outfit more flattering than usual may suggest otherwise, but it is not a date. Because she and Proton are not dating. ...There might be...slightly more kissing where there was once fighting before, but they are not a couple and this is not a date. End of story!

...Still, Clarissa can't stop feeling weirdly uncomfortable about this...this bowling trip thing, whatever it is, and sets about paying and getting the names for the scoreboard set up just to occupy herself with something other than Proton for a few minutes, throwing a minor fit when the attendant turns out to be as stubborn as she is and refuses to budge on not letting her forego the gross bowling shoes in favour of her normal boots.

Argument lost and everything set up, Clarissa will head back to their allocated lane, drinks in hand. She'll plonk them down unceremoniously on the small table between the two sofas, before busying herself with choosing a ball.]

I'm going first, got that?
[It hasn't been the best day for Clarissa. After (bitching, whining, confining herself to the overnight room for hours instead of working) complaining of feeling exhausted and achy all day, she had decided enough was enough. As forcefully as one can be when they feel like the inside of their head has been packed-tight with cotton-wool, she had pawned-off her remaining paperwork onto the displeased grunts, before finally grabbing her things and leaving the base early.

A short while later, she is standing not outside her own front door, but Lance's. Her apartment would have been much easier to return to, but for some reason Clarissa is here instead. ...She just felt like it, okay? It's not like she wanted to see him that badly that she'd even drag herself all the way here when she's sick or anything, gosh. She hits the buzzer, not having the energy to rudely assault the door today (the only time Clarissa acts like a rational person is when something is wrong), before standing there swaying as she waits for Lance to answer, eyes screwed shut and knocking her palm against her forehead as if that will somehow dislodge the dull, heavy pain out of her head.]
Open voice test post!

Choose a character and start a thread with a scenario, any scenario at all. Lani, Jo and Green need voice-testing, whilst Kelly and Tane just need to be practised with. Have a handy-dandy blurb on each character to help out.

Wannabe fashionista with high hopes of achieving Pokemon Contest stardom, and a subversive desire to manipulate her way into everybody's good books.

Sinnoh-based delivery girl who favours Drifloon as her main mode of transport. Dreams of far away lands and discovering uncharted islands, and has a longing for ~adventure.~

Ex-teenage-nightmare from Pyrite town who strives to burn and poison her way to being Duel Square's greatest trainer. Straight-faced but with a savage battle mentality and a love for pranks.

A filthy young woman whom mess and chaos follow everywhere, and about as chilled out and nonplussed as anyone who spends their life being actively followed by trash could ever possibly be. Comes with the logic-breakage one would naturally expect from a SZS character.

What would have happened if Green had been the Pikachu-wielding protagonist of Pokemon Yellow instead of Red? This, apparently. As self-serving and rude as his canon counterpart, but with the extra obnoxious ego-boost of a hero complex added in as well. Lacks the true sense of justice Red has and is focused on little other than becoming the world's most renowned trainer.
[After a week of mind-numbing lectures and independent study (or, for certain people, kicking-back in the library with feet up on the desk and complaining at length about how much independent study sucks whilst not actually doing any), it's finally the weekend.

Clarissa and Gold's Saturday afternoon is being spent trawling the town, scouring through every charity shop, second-hand shop, or garage sale they can find. Clarissa lags behind, dragging her feet along the pavement. This isn't her ideal choice of how to spend her precious free time, looking for icky second-hand clothes and other worn-out crap. She'd rather just steal whatever she needs, but she's guessing Mr. Hero over there probably wouldn't put up with such heinous acts of law-breaking. But necessities have to come from somewhere, and seeing as there's barely enough money to scrape together for food right now, full-price shops are not an option. The last week or so has been spent surviving almost entirely on instant noodles, and Clarissa could kill for a steak right now.]

This is stupid, I hate all these scuzzy shops! I'm hungry, let's just quit looking around and go already.

[The record for 'shortest amount of time to have flown into a rage and smashed something whilst in Lance's presence' is already as broken as the unassuming lamp that once stood in said Rocket Executive's kitchen. But Clarissa isn't done yet. ...As much as she wants to be.

The fact she's now stomping back to Lance's apartment so shortly after whirling out of it in a hurricane of profanity and violence isn't to her own choosing. As much as her pride is tugging at her to turn back around and go straight home, home is inaccessible without her keys.

...Which are in her bag. The same bag she had whacked Lance in the face with the moment he'd opened the door.


Her anger at him only barely still flaring enough to outweigh the sheer humiliation of having to face him again, Clarissa reaches his door and proceeds trying to kick it down (because just knocking right know would be too much like admitting defeat...or something).]

Let me in!
Open bitty mingle post

It's the height of Summer - the sky is a brilliant blue and the sun is shining. It's one of those near-perfect days, and for restless children eager to get the most fun they can out of the good weather, where is one of the best places to spend it? The park, of course!

...And lucky you, because this one has everything a child could ever want to have a great Summer's day out (literally, everything - this is musebox world after all) - slides, swings, climbing frames, sandpits, you name it. So go, make friends (or petty rivalries over other kids hogging the play equipment, whatever works) and have fun.

This is open to all bitty characters. You don't have to have a specific journal for a bitty, you can just age older characters down if you want to.
Older characters can drop in as the parents or guardians of the bitties to supervise them/be pestered into buying ice-cream/etc.
Other than that, anything goes. Go have adorable kiddy funtimes and what-have-you. o7

The University Life Meme

Follow the instructions on the test sheet carefully

1. Post a comment for each of your characters, listing their name and canon in the subject line
2. Reply to other characters. Use RNG to roll a number between 1 and 11, then take a look at the list below to find out which situation your characters will now find themselves in. (Of course, if you're set on what you'd like to play out then bypass rolling and just pick the scenario you want...or ignore the list entirely if you have an idea of your own).
3. Go from there! Make multiple threads, threadjack (check with the other players first), switch setting mid-thread...go crazy.

Choose an out-of-hours activity

1. Student prank
Everybody loves good old-fashioned student pranks, right? ...except maybe the unwitting victims. Love them or loathe them, they're a mischievous part of uni life. Cover doors with cellophane, put soup powder in the shower-heads, rig buckets of paint above entrances...do whatever you can to catch your roommates out.

2. Joint study session
Oh wow, your class suddenly got super hard all of a sudden, and you don't understand it at all! Well, what better way to make sure you know what's what than to have a smarter classmate explain it to you? ...or, maybe, you're just interested in spending time with your temporary tutor. How much actual studying gets done is up to you.

3. Drinking games
Cheap booze and the need for some fun can often be quite the interesting combination...just remember hangovers and long lectures don't mix as well as spirits do. If you're unsure about what drinking games are out there, there's a handy-dandy site listing many possible ones here.

4. Playing hooky
Everybody needs a break from time to time, right? That lecture was just going to be hideously dull, anyway. Grab a fellow friend and escape the tedium of your timetable in favor of something more fun.

5. Student Union
The Student Union is the place to be when you get off class - go hang out at the pool bar, watch or participate in Open Mic sessions, or whatever else you can think of.

6. Student night at the local club
Most clubs near universities have these, so take a well-earned break from studying to party, dance, and have a good time.

7. Fundraising student dance
One of the departments needs cash for more equipment, or maybe it's to raise funds for a charity or a fellow student's trip abroad...but who cares so long as there's good music and your friends there? Protip: don't trust the punch...

8. Society/club activities
Maybe you're hosting some kind of recreational activity for your members, holding or attending a normal meeting, trying to get funds by staging a bake-sale or a more daring scheme, or maybe you're just starting out and trying to draft people into joining you.

9. The campus library
Maybe you need to put some extra effort into your studies, or maybe you just wanted a quiet place to languish in until your hangover from the night before goes away. Either way the library is a good place to run into people. Just don't be too loud.

10. Hanging out in Halls
When there's nowhere else to be, chilling out with your housemates back at your accommodation is as good as anything, right? Go bug your neighbours, argue over whose food is whose in the fridge, or just sit around and relax. Domestic shenanigans are go!

11. Student bar
Go out drinking to unwind after a week of hard work, to celebrate your excellent test scores (or commiserate if they weren't so good), or just for the sake of it. Who knows, you'll likely bump into your classmates there, so this is a good chance to get to know people better over a pint.
[Clarissa loves her job.

No, really. She does.

Her fellow members of Team Rocket may, at first, have loud (and frequently documented in incident reports) disagreements with this statement. ...and it's true that the argumentative, headstrong admin has frequently proved their concerns to be well-placed, with her harsh tongue and poorly thought-out actions, which have landed both herself and other members of her squad into trouble with the Higher Ups too many times to count.

But for anyone working closely alongside Clarissa, it slowly becomes apparent that her work ethic isn't as bad as it first seems. While her attitude is far enough from the ideal to get her frequently busted down to grunt duties, she's undeniably dedicated, and works hard enough to be worthy of her rank.

It's just a shame this dedication dies the moment you place a stack of paper in front of her. Right now, Clarissa is at her desk, her least favourite place to be. She's staring fiercely at the several trays of paperwork in front of her, as if trying to frighten the pile into becoming smaller. It doesn't help much. In fact, the admin just seems to be growing angrier, and in a sudden burst of indignant frustration, Clarissa shoots up and flips one of the trays clean off the desk, sending papers scattering in a flurry across her office.]

Fuck this!

[...okay, some days, Clarissa doesn't love her job. What she would love right now is a coffee break. Or some other fleeting distraction of sorts.]
(Swiped from memebells ♥)

(TRIGGER WARNING. This meme deals heavy with death and also possibly with strong violence or with suicide/depression. If you are not comfortable reading about that, please PLEASE do not proceed further.)

The Last Words Meme

On my last night on earth, I'll pay a high price, to have no regrets and be done with my lifeCollapse )

'Cause I need a break, I need a vacation

[The first thing Clarissa realises upon stumbling out of Veilstone City's airport and into the face-slappingly frigid air, is that she definitely hadn't prepared for this level of cold. Snow. There is snow everywhere. Clarissa squints through the glare of the watery sunlight - which is currently doing nothing to warm her bare (bare apart from the sizable amount of bandages, at least) legs in the short crimson skirt she's wearing - and surveys the view of the city sprawling before her. Okay, maybe she should have expected this - it's the middle of winter, after all, and she had known that Sinnoh was a lot colder than Kanto, but, still. She had been expecting cold. She hadn't been expecting Antarctica.

For now she turns on her heel and stomps briskly back into the warmth of the airport, wrapping her unseasonably lightweight jacket tighter around herself. Once back inside she drops her bag of clothes and other basic essentials required for a short holiday, and, after letting Clefairy hop down onto it to sit-tight for a moment, she whips out her PokeGear from her jacket pocket and jabs in the number of the one person here who she knows.]

Come on, come on! You'd better pick up, loser!
(Sequel to Clarissa and Petrel's Last Words meme thread)

WARNING: Will likely end up containing some strong death-related themes, given what it's a sequel to

Tell me what you've always wanted and I'll give you love insteadCollapse )
A wild



What will you do?

Space Invader Deoxys
★ Believes his sole purpose in life is to take over the Earth
★ Sci-fi geek who can't tell fiction from reality
★ Throw your Leafs at him, he'll creeper all over them
★ ...Is (finally) ready for voice testing! COME AT HIM BRO

★ 1 - The city is under attack! Shit is Blowing Up left, right and center, but what will you do? Run away or stand up and face the threat head-on?
★ 2 - That bizarrely triangular rock sure looks suspicious, doesn't it? Maybe you should move it and see what happens.
★ 3 - Your choice! Pick your own scenario and we shall troll with it.
[...AKA the "The-Mundane-Is-Bored-Out-Of-Her-Mind-So-Come-Bug-Clarissa" post.

Said Rocket admin is shirking her duties yet again, though at least she does have a valid reason for not being at base this time, that reason being the recently broken foot which she has rested upon a huge heap of cushions. ...but like hell would she willingly admit to having broken it tripping down a measly flight of three steps, so an unexplained absence it is anyway, even if she knows it's only a matter of time before a superior phones to bitch at her and demand to know why she's not at her desk and does she want a month of being busted down to Grunt work?

In the mean time, she's holed up in her apartment, sofa-bound and only half-watching a crappy sci-fi film of particularly potent quality on the tv, toying with Clefairy's ears as the pokemon slumbers on her mistress' stomach. Obviously this calls for someone to come and disturb her with a phone call or a knock at the door, right? Right! Who knows, maybe she wont turn uninvited guests away today you're only coming in if you bring cake.]


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